Pupils at Iqra Primary school enjoyed a fun Friday on 23rd November 2018, after thinking in their classrooms about road safety – in support of the Think initiative.

Alongside Jawad, a trained Cycle Confident facilitator working with the Lambeth local authority as well as our own Ust. Payne, the children in years 1 – 6 all took part in a safety first obstacle course. They were able to either push, balance or cycle their bike around the course and the focus was on control, braking, balance, safety, listening and team work. Great fun was had by all. 

On Monday 26th November, we then held a celebration assembly where the children from all classes shared some of the work they had been doing – all around the theme of road and cycle safety. 

We were treated to Road Safety posters, a fabulous shared writing poem by year 4s and even some lengthy road safety stories shared by 3 pupils in year 6.

Finally, some Iqra water bottles were presented to around 30 pupils who had shown great performance and team work on the day.