On 12th November 2018, Year 4went to the Science Museum for two workshops. The first was ‘Engineer your Future‘. 

This exhibition helped us think about our futures, where challenges, games and films helped us understand what engineers do—and find out whether this could be a job for us in the future. Here we also designed a space rover to then launch to the Moon. Children also built and tested electrical grids, rail networks and baggage handling systems.

We then made our way to the Wonderlab. With over 50 mind-blowing exhibits, shows and demonstrations to enjoy, the Wonderlab was an experience unlike any other. Spread across seven different zones, there was loads of opportunity to get hands on with real scientific phenomena. We saw live experiments at the Chemistry Bar, lightning strike before our eyes, played with forces on giant slides and travelled through space under a canopy of stars.

Finally we were treated to a live show ‘FLASH! BANG! WALLOP!’ With the help of fire tornadoes and real explosion we learnt what makes a fire, how explosions help us in our everyday lives and what makes things go bang.