Reception class have worked extremely hard building their own rockets from recyclable materials. 


“I used a plastic water bottle and I used some sticky tape and card and my dad let me colour the shapes and cut them of paper and we stuck them down” – Sumayyah



“When I made my rocket I used that tissue roll thingy you know what is inside the tissue roll? yeah that and I sticked it down with selotape on the cardboard box” – Eliyeen 

“My mum said this tin is recycled because that’s what it says on there because it came from the factory that recycled it so that means before it was this gold tin it was something else like a fizzy can or something” – Junayd


“So I folded the top of the rocket to make a cone shape and added some roll to made the rocket part where people live and when i’m bigger and I don’t play with it anymore i’m going to put it in the recycling bin so it can be recycles and maybe someone else can use the card and paper tot make something from” – Abdulmajid