Destination Space!

After a 40 day countdown Reception class finally visited the Science Museum! They enjoyed an informative workshop ‘Destination Space’ where they learnt about  how to get people to the International Space Station and keep them safe there. Keeping them safe meant ensuring they had clean water to drink  (that had been filtered by the children) and making sure they flushed away their floating poo!  Reception also had  a hands on experience dressing and living as astronauts! Can you spot our astronaut in a blue sleeping bag?

The Garden 

Reception loved letting loose in ‘The Garden’  a sensory stimulation zone, they explored floating and sinking, explored ripples, bubbles, scooping and pouring and even moved water in different ways.

The Garden also had a black out area the ‘eyes and ears zone’ which was an introduction to reflections, shadows and colour along with making sounds in different ways, predicting rhythms and exploring how sounds can travel.