I hope you had a great, restful half term and are ready for Autumn 2! This half term we will be covering lots of interesting topics. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your child!


This half term we will be reading ‘The pebble in my pocket’. We will be using this text to write descriptive poetry, narratives and non-fiction texts. Pupils will rewrite the story in their own words and create a non-chronological report on a famous volcano. We will be continuing to focus on the use of cursive handwriting.


This half term we will be focusing on multiplication and division. Our key times tables will be 3, 4 and 8 so please support your child to memorize these times tables. We will then look at multiplication and division with larger numbers and focus on word problems. At the end of the half term we will introduce length. Children will be measuring in cm and m. Converting measurements involving km and m.


Our Science topic this half term will be rocks, fossils and soils. Children will be investigating how hard rocks are and sorting them according to how they look. We will find out how fossils are formed. At the end of the unit pupils will investigate different soil samples.


Our Geography topic this half term will be mighty mountains and violent volcanoes. Pupils will find out where famous mountains in the UK can be found. We will be exploring what life is like in mountainous areas. Pupils will then explore famous volcanoes, the impacts of an eruption and how safe / or dangerous it is to live near certain volcanoes around the world.

Design and Technology

In DT we will be exploring different types of money containers (purses / wallets). Children will design, make and evaluate a money container for a particular audience. They will be learning different types of stitches and decoration techniques for their final product.

Our educational visit this half term will be to the Natural History Museum to attend an interactive, fun workshop on volcanoes and earthquakes. We will explore the galleries in the museum that link to our Science topic; rocks and soils and our Geography topic; Volcanoes.