Year 6 visited Clapham Common to take part in Forest School activities.  After they placed the flags down to mark out a boundary, they began to collect interesting items.
Before the visit,  we looked at some art from Andy Goldsworthy. The children set about making some land art and structures (also linking in with their art topic  – reinforcing structures).  The children worked well in groups and showed great teamwork. They thought about their art and how they could use the materials they found together with string and masking tape to create their sculpture. 
The children found different coloured leaves and we discussed how some trees are evergreen and so stay green for the whole year. The leaves were different shapes and sizes.  Also they found twigs and unexpected items like a coconut shell ( which we thought was left there to feed the birds). Some of the twigs were covered in moss and were different textures and thicknesses.