Dear Parent/Guardian

Iqra Primary School will be loaning chrome books to all our pupils. It is important that each child has their own chrome book so they have access to their online classroom and learning at all times. This will be particularly important in any case of lockdown.

We would like to know how many chromebooks you would require for your family. We strongly encourage that you have one chromebook per child; please consider carefully how many chromebooks you wish to borrow, particularly if you have more than one child attending Iqra.

Please note that reception and nursey will not be issued chromebooks.

Chrome books will be on loan for a year. They will be collected at the end of the year and reissued the following year. Chromebooks will require a small refundable deposit.

Deposit for one child £50
Deposit for two children £100
Deposit for 3 children £125

If you have any financial difficulty in meeting the cost of the deposit, please contact the school office.


Click below to apply for your child’s chromebook

If you have 1 child click here

If you have 2 children click here

If you have 3 children click here