Assalam Alaikum,

I hope all is well and you are staying safe. In this letter I will be explaining a few things regarding the Year 1 class as I have not had the chance to meet all of my lovely Year 1 parents. 



I will be sending a Reading Folder home every Friday. Please could you read with your child over the weekend. In your folder, there will be books and a diary inside. Please could you fill in the diary and bring it back on the day written on your folder. 

Please could you ensure your child has brought back the folder on the day stated on your child’s folder as your child will be having a guided reading session the following day. (For example if your child has Monday written on their folder. They will be reading with the teacher on Tuesday. However, they must bring in the book on Monday, ready for Tuesday’s session).

Inside your child’s reading book there will be many usernames and passwords. Please go to the website and log in. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me via school phone or by sending a note in your child’s bag.


Bug Club

Your child has been allocated books via Bug Club and they are encouraged to read with an adult sounding out the letters to blend the word. Rewards and points will be given for children who are consistently reading at home.



Please could you watch these Phase 2 and 3 Jolly phonics songs with your child as we are doing this in class. Please click the video link that says Jolly Phonics 42 sounds (12 minute 48 seconds)



Homework will not be conducted online however, I will be giving homework on Thursdays and if you could bring it back on Tuesday. Your support will be much appreciated. 


Show and Tell

Your Child’s group will have their show and tell every Friday at the end of school. This can be something they have made at home, a toy, a family picture etc.

18th September – Clever Cookies

25th September – Super Stars

2nd October – Master Minds

9th October- Brain Boxes 

16th October – Genius Gems 

After half term we will then start the rotation again starting with Clever Cookies.


Thank you for your continued support.


Ustadha Inniss