Dear Parents,

Due to Covid restrictions, parent meetings will be held online. 


  • Please make a note of the timing you have booked to meet your child’s teacher. If you have forgotten the time(s) you have booked for your child(ren), click on the original link that was sent by the school, type your child’s name as if it’s a new booking and the confirmation will appear. 


  • Every child is allocated 10 minutes. We kindly ask that you keep to the time given to you. Please ensure that you don’t miss your allocated time slot as it will be difficult to rearrange a missed appointment. 


  • To join the meeting, log into your child’s google classroom. There will be a link to meet online on the front page. If the link is not there please refresh the page. The link will look similar to this:

  • If you have more than one child at the school, please log in separately to each child’s account. 


  • Click the link and you will be taken to the online meeting. 


  • Please be prompt in signing in for your child’s appointment. 

Teachers will be able to talk you through how your child is doing in school and what are the areas of improvement. Meetings would last for 10 minutes.