In Autumn 2 we covered the topic of ‘Campfire Cooking’. We were so excited for this activity! We have been talking about it for weeks! We went outdoors again and our task was to make a campfire and cook delicious marshmallows over the fire!

We first learnt about the safety of being around the fire and we discussed the importance of listening and following instructions. We divided our class into three groups with one adult supervising. The children stood in a circle around the BBQ keeping 2 meters away. Each group had one BBQ stand. We then stacked the wood and put some cotton on top. The fire was sparked by Ustadha Inniss with the fire key and the cotton burned the wood underneath. We added newspaper to keep the fire going.

Once the fire was lit the children pushed the marshmallows into the skewers and let it melt whilst turning it. After the marshmallows melted we went back to the class to make a marshmallow sandwich using biscuits.

Finally, the marshmallows sandwiches were read to be eaten! They were eaten very quickly and we loved this activity so much!