This week, Year 2 got to have the experience of roasting sweet marshmallows over a burning fire.  The children watched in excitement as the adults attempted to strike a fire. It took a while but it managed to get done. Lots of cotton and paper was used to sustain the flames.  Ustadha Uddin and Ustadha Mahmoud put the marshmallows onto some long, wooden sticks for the children to hold. The children came up in groups to toast their marshmallows for ten seconds before eating it. Most of the children enjoyed their melted marshmallows. In fact, they enjoyed this task so much that Ustadha Mahmoud has promised to write instructions on how to make their own toasted marshmallows for them to try at home (with the support of an adult of course). The other highlight of the afternoon was Ustadha Mahmoud’s coat smelling like a bonfire coming into class.  Needless to say, it was an enjoyable afternoon.