AsSalamuAlaykum Reception class

First of all, I would like to thank the parents in Reception class whom, with their support, we have been able to deliver online learning for our young learners.

InshAllah, I would like to use this space to lay out some important information for the Reception online learning.

In terms of what we are learning this half term, our core book is ‘Whatever Next’ written by Jill Murphy, the book centres around adventure, exploration and of course, space travel and the basis of our lessons, generally speaking will maintain this theme throughout this half term.


For ease of reference, I have added in the Reception online timetable.

In terms of how to get the best out of online learning, please ensure that the children are ready to learn each day, this means for them to wake up on time and not just a few minutes before their lessons start- each child should have a charged chromebook, they should have their cameras on, they should have breakfast before, not during each lesson and they should not be wearing pyjamas- by preparing in this manner, it will allow the children to feel ready to learn each day and allow for the teaching experience to be as complete as possible given the current circumstances.

Of course, this situation makes schooling quite different, however, by keeping as much as we can to a solid routine, it will allow the children to feel settled and less disturbed by the various changes they are experiences.

Hence, having time to revise and learn Suwar, having a regular bedtime, dedicated time for exercise and reading each day will bring a myriad of benefits for our young learners.

BarakAllahufeekum – Ustahd Khan & the Reception Team