With the coming of the crescent moon, a creative calling has burgeoned amongst the Reception learners. 

Ready for Ramadan, Reception were eager to make some lanterns and light-catchers. The Reception learners showed a great understanding of what Ramadan is and why it is so important.

‘The month of the Qur’an’ they all exclaimed in unison, when asked what Ramadan is?

I asked them why we should make some decorations, and they tell me proudly that ‘Ramadan is special, so we make special decorations’.

We first start off with the lanterns, and while they were not illuminated with a real light, the effort of the children shone through, bringing another flex of colour to the Reception classroom. 

As the weather improved further still, we decided to utilise the beautiful sunshine for another creative endeavour- this time, making a masjid sun catcher. The children decorated them with coloured sugar paper and another materials, making a beautiful spectrum of colours shine down on the creative table. 

The children showed great flair in their creative efforts, but more importantly, they showed a profound understanding of the limitless bounties of this blessed month. 

May Allah bless them abundantly.