Ramadan Mubarak to All!
May Allah SWT accept our efforts and prayers Ameen!
During Ramdan we have been doing various activities to celebrate Ramadan. The children have been learning about ‘What is Ramdan?’
Naeema said ‘Ramdan is when mummy and daddy don’t eat’.
Ishaq said ‘My grandma is fasting today’.
Shakeela said ‘Ramadan makes pizza and cakes’

We are also learning about healthy eating during Ramadan.
During the discussion we recorded some comments:
Zarish said ‘we need to eat vegetables’.
Ahmed said ‘we can’t eat unhealthy doughnuts, it’s not healthy’.
The children then wrote their shoppings list of what healthy food they would like to eat at ‘Suhur’ or ‘Iftar’ times.
Further, as a part of our role play learning we turned the area to a mosque. The children enjoyed praying and helping each other to put their hijabs on
Enjoy the pictures of Nursery class: