An estimated three children in every classroom suffer from a diagnosable mental health problem. That’s why for our school, supporting student wellbeing is now a top priority. But how can you best support your students in developing positive mental wellbeing? Well we started by having a workshop run by Open View Education.

This workshop was created specifically to support student’s mental wellbeing. The workshop used drama, performance, storytelling and exercise providing the students with a highly interactive and engaging learning experience on mental health and wellbeing.

We learnt:

That mental health is a normal part of daily life.

How we can talk about our emotions using a varied vocabulary.

How and where we can access support.

What we can do if we are worried about some else’s mental wellbeing.

How we can use mindfulness techniques to feel calm and centred.

In The Steps to Wellbeing Wisdom, we also learnt simple self-care techniques, helping us to build resilience and boost their wellbeing. In this interactive workshop, we met Jacob. As we followed Jacob’s story, we learnt how the events in Jacob’s life impact his mental health and wellbeing.

Jacob improved his wellbeing by taking simple actions every day; he starts playing football with his friends once again and he speaks up about how he has been feeling.