Year 3 have started the school on an amazing note and have been working very hard!

They come in with a ready to learn attitude and have worked really hard to produce good quality pieces of work. In English they have produced a fantastic diary entry in the role of the old man and were able to embody the character of the old man very well.

In Science, Year 3 have been learning about movement and feeding, which entails learning about what human and animals eat and what the body is made up of. Year 3 enjoyed created a song to remember the name of bones in the human body. They also thoroughly enjoyed being able to create a skeleton form out of marshmallows and spaghetti.

Year 3 have also been practising their sewing skills to create aprons. They have looked at a variety of different aprons and the purposes they serve. They have then used these as a inspiration to design and create their own aprons and have been able to thread a needle and create a straight stitch.