Most of us can think fondly of a book that reminds us of our childhood; that one book that holds a special place in our hearts. For many children and adults alike, Jill Murphy has been an important literary figure in their lives; Peace at Last is a charming novel which children always enjoy- it has given us the scope to talk about ourselves, our family, nature and of course, peace. The Reception children have had many discussions related to these topics.

Inaiyah had a lot of positive things to say about the book – ”So, I really like the part when Mr Bear says ‘oh no…I can’t stand this!”

Aisha appreciated the comedic elements of the book – ‘My favourite part is the snoring, it’s so funny!’

“You’ve done loads of good things… I’m not quite sure how exactly, but things often go wonderfully right…” – Jill Murphy 

The children have also dismantled the entire infrastructure of the so called ‘art-world’ with their inspired artistic endeavours- we’re just waiting on the Louvre and the MoMa to make fitting bids (we won’t settle for anything less than eight figures).

The children made their own renditions of the classic front cover of Peace at Last using various materials.