Reading regularly improves understanding, increases vocabulary, helps mental health and is shown to improve results at GCSEs which has an impact on A-Levels and career choice.

This is why at Iqra we require children to read at least 10 minutes everyday. Children take a book from the class everyday and keep a recording record. The reading record should be filled in everyday Mon-Fri.

Please help your child develop themselves as a reader.

You can do this by:

  1. Setting a regular routine for reading (just before bedtime or as soon as your child comes home from school)
  2. Set a comfortable place for reading.
  3. Remove distractions – if children are in the same place as people watching TV, scrolling through phones and tablets, it is harder for them to read.
  4. Create a quiet space for reading.
  5. Check their reading record to make sure that it is completed.

Readers are leaders!