During Forest School this term, Year 5 explored Clapham Common Woodland area.  They collected twigs to make their amazing miniature rafts.  The children displayed great team work, co-operation and communication skills.

Have a read of what the Year 5 children have said:

“I built a raft using twigs on the forest ground with my group.  We used twigs, string, lolly-sticks and glue to stick the raft together.  It was really fun and our raft turned out to look super cool.”

“At forest school, we made a raft.  It was made out of twigs.  It required co- operation and teamwork to finish it. We used an instruction sheet. I really enjoyed it.”

“We worked together as a group to build a raft with branches, twigs, lolly-sticks  and string. I really enjoy forest school, I can’t wait to go in the summer.”

“We found around 10, 10 cm sticks and glued them together and tied them with a piece of string.  We followed the instruction guide to help us make the raft properly.  We worked well together as a group.  Forest School is so much fun because we get to explore the woods.”