This half term the Reception class have been learning about Space, for our Creative Area display we filled it up with different planets, stars and other things you might find out in the galaxy. Turns out you don’t need billions to go interplanetary.

We’ve really enjoyed learning more about our solar system and reading books such as ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘The Man on the Moon’ to build more literary links to our class activities.

The children mixed different paints and glitter to create interesting designs for their planets, as well as sharing some noteworthy comments about Space.

‘The sun is not a planet, it’s a star’.

‘Venus is a very hot planet’.

‘There is no air in space so you need a Space helmet to breathe’.

The Reception class have all put in a lot of effort this half term, and I’m very proud of all of them- I want to take this opportunity to thank the parents for their continued support- BarakAllahufeekum.


-Ust Khan