Dear Parents,

We are writing to consult with you on our decision to move our Nursery and Reception class to a nearby school called Glenbrook Primary School. The reason we took this decision is because the school has the best facilities for our young children where they can learn in a better environment compared to Kings Avenue Primary School where they do not have appropriate toilet facilities for the early years age group.
Please note that if you have children in other years, that we will make the pick up time for the early years at 3.10pm which will give you time to walk to Kings Avenue and pick up the rest of your children. There is a short walk of 8 minutes between Glenbrook and Kings Avenue and this should given you enough time to pick up your older children from Kings Avenue at 3.30pm.
We will keep the Glenbrook pick up time under review and based on your feedback may change it to provide the best solution for all our parents.


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