Activity: Wood Whittling

LO: Explore collections of materials with similar and/or different properties.(UTW)
Use all their senses in hands-on exploration of natural materials. (UTW)

The nursery children went to the school forest school area. We talked about some safety rules when we come to the forest school area.
We walk when we are in the forest.
We don’t put anything in our mouth when in the forest.
We don’t pull leaves or flowers.
We come back when we hear the signal.

The children began with a walk around the garden and collected the twigs that were no longer than their arms. After that,they touched the twigs and felt the texture. We used vocabulary like, rough, hard, bumpy to describe the twigs.

I then brought their attention to the alder tree we have in our garden. This tree has smooth, brown bark that becomes rough and furrowed with age.
The children felt the twig and saw the colour and texture different to other twigs they collected. They said, ‘elder tree twing is light brown and bumpy’.

Finally, they used a potato peeler to whittle the twig’s skin. The children found it challenging at first but with some support and encouragement they were able to whittle the twing and see the colour under it. ‘It’s green’ said ‘L’. ‘I can whittle now’ said ‘F’.