This story begins in 1889, in Clermont-Ferrand, a little town abutting the volcanic Chaîne des Puys mountains.

Two brothers, Andre and Edouard Michelin founded their world-famous tyre company; they made a manual to help travellers on their journeys, giving recommendations for mechanics, picturesque picnic locations, as well as restaurants. For the restaurants, they developed their own rating system. 1 Michelin star meant that a restaurant excelled in its given category, 2 stars meant that the restaurant was worth a detour, 3 stars meant the restaurant was worth taking a special journey for.

Today the children made something which transcends cooking, it cannot be said to be comprehended fully by our human senses- they offer only a mere slither into the genesis of what has been produced by the Reception class.

Our ingredients were simple, Rice Krispies (1/3 of a family pack box) Dairy Milk (Original) 2x Dairy Milk Oreo, 2 boxes of Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles. We began by melting the chocolate on the stove, doing so allowed for optimal pour-age over the rice krispies. We whipped the chocolate together with a perfect wrist motion- clockwise, always clockwise.

We then spooned the rice krispies into individual holders, or, as the Reception called them, chalices of glory and decadence.  Before leaving them to set, the finishing touch was added, a singular marshmallow was added- rumour has it, these marshmallows are made fresh everyday by an elderly French lady who did not want to be named for legal reasons (she fears her life, and family recipes will be endangered should her identity be revealed to the public at large).

After three hours, the treats were ready to be consumed, and all that can be said is….