World Book Day 2022!
As part of Word Book Day, Year 2 watched a performance carried out by the Khayaal Theatre company. We listened to funny stories and tales about the very famous wise fool, Mullah Nasreddin. We also imagined what it would be like to be him as the tales unfolded. We then participated in a range of fun activities and games about World Book Day!


Hands on Science Day 2022!

Year 2 participated in a fun and exciting workshop carried out by the Hands on Science company. We learnt about the different types of energy in our environment and watched a lemon juice and baking soda experiment. We investigated the type of energy (sound) that travelled through the room when the container ‘popped’ into the air! We also made our very own rockets and experimented launching them into space!


Year 2 learnt about a famous scientist called Charles Macintosh who invented the very first waterproof jacket that consisted of two fabric layers sandwiched around a layer of rubber. Then they designed and invented our own Rain Jacket. We thought about the style, colour and different materials we would like to use. Year 2 also explored the red planet ‘Mars’. Using modelling materials, we created our own animal/ creature that could survive on the red planet. We thought about the additional needs required to survive on Earth to help us with our creations!