14th March 2022

The children were visited by ‘Hands on Science’ who delivered a workshop on ‘energy’.

The children discussed their definitions of energy- for example 

‘Energy comes from water, it makes us move’

‘You can get energy from food’.

The children discussed various forms of energy, such as chemical and electrical energy, they discussed some instances where they have seen these forms of energy – 

One child said:

‘the TV needs electricity, it gives the TV energy’.

It’s time to get experimental!

Let’s make a rocket! 

Equipment Required: 1x thick straw 1x thin straw, 1x sticky label + a pair of scissors, 


  1. Attach the strip of sticky paper to one end of the straw.
  2. Flatten the straw.
  3. Make cuts at the other end of the straw so it looks like the end of a rocket.
  4. 4. Insert the smaller straw into the larger one. 
  5. Blow into the smaller straw. 3-2-1…blast off!

Here comes the tricky bit; the children have to carefully insert the smaller straw into the bigger one, they do this by cutting the end of the larger straw to accommodate the small straw, it requires steady hands and concentration 



I: ‘we’re cutting it to make the rocket’

Using a few basic materials, the children made their own rockets, launching them into the air and across the hall!

A ‘when I blow it, it pushes the straw into the sky’

A ‘if i blow hard it makes it go far’.


Reception learn how plants grow


Reception discuss how plants grow, and we have some lovely ideas thrown about, for example:

Y: ‘plants need water, because they can’t grow without it’.

Z: ‘plants need to be in mud, you can’t grow plants on the table’.

D: ‘the plants need some sunshine, so that they can get big; they like the sun’. 

Step 1- getting the soil from the forest school 

Step 2- getting the seeds, in this case, we decided to go for cress seeds

J: ‘the seeds need to go in the soil to grow!’ 

The Final Step – Adding water

A and S investigate the seeds, commenting that they are very small and that they have a red/brownish colour, 

S: ‘It’s small, cress is green and these are brown’.

Y notes that they require water in order for them to grow into tasty green cress, Y carefully adds a few drops of water to his pot. 

Now, we wait. In sha Allah, Part 2 will involve turning this cress into something like this… (but better of course).