The 14th March was Science Day at Iqra Primary School. The children were given the entire day to explore and understand the learning they do in Science. They were very intrigued by the different skills that are covered and felt proud to be able to use their learning and skills.

The children were then introduced to John Mcadams – inventor of the developed roads from the early 1800s. They looked at the development of roads from the past and issues that were arising due to the underdevelopment. The children then looked at recent road development and were introduced to Julie Brusaw who invented solar roads that are strong enough to hold vehicles, but also can be used to turn sun energy into electricity.

After looking at the famous scientists, Year 3 were set the task to develop their own roads. There were some fantastic developments that could be used for the future of our roads!

In the afternoon, Year 3 were given the opportunity to take part in a candle making workshop. Year 3 listened attentively to different processes that a candle goes through. They use keywords such as melting, solidifying, evaporation and condensation. The children then observed what happened to a candle and then made their own colourful candles.