Welcome to Iqra VA Primary School’s Year 4 class (2.0). We have completed our move and settled in nicely to the new building. The children especially enjoy the new library corner with many new books and the introduction of First News which is a newspaper that is published for children. Although many things are still the same such as; the teachers, equipment and most importantly the pupils, there are many new changes we had to adjust to. We are now all in a long L shaped corridor on the first floor and the pupils had to adapt to going up and down the stairs to the playground and lunch hall. We also did miss doing our morning athkar outside in person every morning which we have started doing since the move. 

Year 4 has started a new computing topic this summer term. Java Script Programming. What is JavaScript? JavaScript is programming language used to giving instructions to a computer. Unlike the coding the children are used to doing such as 2code and Scratch, Java Script is a text based programming language where the programmer has to get every part of the code correct otherwise there will be errors to debug.

Year 4 has started with drawing basics where they had to draw 3 circles to create a picture of a snowman. Sounds very simple but when the code is missing a semi colon or the width, length or position is has not been given the correct value, it doesn’t look right. See the pictures for examples. More Java Script is to come followed by HTML, which is a text based programming language for creating websites including this web page.