This term in DT, Year 5 children looked at a range of soups which are sold in large supermarkets.  Children were able to use their five senses to identify their appearance, texture, smell and taste. 


In addition, Year 5 children were able to recognise the ingredients and spices used in those soups.  Children were very enthusiastic in making their very own vegetable soup and suggested various ingredients and spices to make their soup packed with flavour and appealing to their taste.  Children showed their excellent cooking skills by peeling, chopping, grating and slicing their ingredients to make a mouth watering vegetable soup.  They used a range of vegetables including: onions, cabbage, bell pepper and carrots.


Year 5 enjoyed drinking their vegetable soup and rated it 5/5.


Please read the feedback from some of the children of Year 5.

“Cooking is my favourite subject and I love helping to make tasty dishes.  I am going to make this soup again for my family.”   

“I really enjoyed making the vegetable soup with my friends, we helped each other by discussing which spices would be good too put in the soup.”

“This soup tasted amazing, It’s the best soup that I have ever tasted…Yummy, yummy in my tummy!”