Year 4 went on an educational visit to the Wandsworth Waste Management Authority to learned about what happens to our waste after we throw things in the bin. It was a very interesting experience although the smell was truly awful. It was no suprise with all the rubbish there!

We did learn that not all rubbish is in fact rubbish. They told us that they categorise waste as rubbish that can be recycled and waste. We also found out that the main reason for the smell was wasted food that starts to rot.

The main focus were 3 words.


Reduce the amount of things you use. So buy less. Don’t buy too much and throw it away. Use less paper or plastic.


If you do buy things, instead of throwing them away try to make new uses of them. Such as building things or using a bottle repeatedly after washing rather than buying a plastic bottle and throwing it in the bin.


If you cannot reduce or reuse there is always the 3rd option which is to recycle. Ensure you recycle items such as plastics, paper, cardboard, wood, and metal.

It was a real eye opener for Year 4. They never really considered what happens to waste they throw in the bin. Although it started with loud noises and bad smells. The children really enjoyed and learned a lot from their trip.