Iqra VA Primary School is located within a residential area with good public transport connections. The school is located on a local cycle route and within a 20mph zone promoting an area for pupils to walk and cycle to school.

The nearest bus stops are located within 50m of the site and the area is also supported by Overground and Underground services within a 10-minute walk allowing travel from the wider area.

The school have an active travel plan which seeks to promote sustainable travel and reduce their impact. This travel plan has developed over the recent years to obtain the highest standard possible for travel plans in London and will continue to evolve moving forward including assessing how children, staff and servicing happen at the school.

Many of the existing arrangements associated with children, staff and servicing will replicate that of the school prior to the redevelopment. However, as part of the proposal a detailed assessment will be undertaken to understand the potential impact on the local area and where necessary include mitigation measures.

In addition to the active travel plan the proposals will include the development of a Construction Logistics Plan and a Delivery and Servicing Plan. These will ensure that construction of the school occurs without adversely affecting the local area and that deliveries and servicing can occur more efficiently in the future.