Year 6 have been working extremely hard and using their mathematical skills to solve percentage problems.  They have been able to use a range of skills and methods such as: concrete (strips), pictorial (diagrams) and abstract (number sentence).

Below are pictures of childrens work during the exploration tasks.



Here are pictures of childrens terrific journaling of solving percentage problems where they’ve given step by step guides and explanations on how to solve the problem.


Please read below what two of our Year 6 pupils had to say about their learning in Maths.

“This topic has been very enjoyable and challenging at the same time.  I have learnt how to compare different percentages of different numbers.  I really had fun drawing bar models to solve the percentage problems.”

“In this topic of percentages, I have learnt different ways of calculating percentages of different numbers and comparing them.  Fractions have helped me solve percentage problems. For example 40/100 is 40%.”


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