Year 3 have been looking at volcanoes across their curriculum. In English, we have learnt that the starting point of some pebbles is from a volcano. In Science, we learnt that igneous rocks are formed when the lava that erupts from a volcano and cools. In Geography, we have explored the cross section of a volcano and also located them around the world. Year 3 have really engaged with their learning on volcanoes and we look forward to watching our learning come to life when we visit the Natural History Museum.

Here are some volcanoes that the children made as a home project and some of their comments on their learning:

Β  Β 

NM: Rocks come from a volcano when the lava cools and it takes millions of years to grow.

RH: Volcanoes are cool because they can explode.

OM: Volcanoes can also be called fire mountains.

HH: If volcanoes don’t erupt then they become mountains.

KC: When the floor pushes up it makes a volcano.

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