Nursery Spring 1 Post

What has the Nursery learnt so far?
Nursery children have been learning about 2D shapes and its properties and were given opportunities to learn, think and to talk about it. During and after the lesson they used vocabulary related to the topic. For example, a child said ‘it’s a triangle because it has three sides and three corners.

The children have also been practicing their fine and gross motor skills by conducting various activities. For example they made many models for their Rainbow Fish display. They paint, cut and joined a variety of materials to make some sea animals.

We have started learning about forces. The children experimented with floating and sinking. They know that if an object stays up in the water, it is floating and if the object goes down, it is sinking.

We have created a safe and fun environment for children to feel happy and secure. Because research has shown that ‘A positive environment encourages the holistic development of all children’.
In Iqra Nursery, the children are happy and confident to access resources. Please see some pictures of the children learning independently.

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