This half-term in Reception we have been exploring the topic of space. We have been learning about what life is like in space and how astronauts move around. ‘They jump slow because in space you float and you can’t walk normally’ – H.O. After observing how they move, we became astronauts in our classes. We practised our moon walks and discussed where astronauts go in space. ‘The astronuats go to the planets.’ – M.A. The children have also been working on using adjectives to describe the moon and other planets. ‘The humungous, grey moon’ M.R.

We have been exploring and retelling the story ‘Whatever next’ by Jill Murphy. ‘Baby bear wanted to go to the moon and then mummy bear said no’ – K.I. We have been using talk4writing to support our retellings and will be working on writing our own version of the story. The children discussed and explained their favourite characters to each other. ‘The owl is my favourite animal because I like owls’ F.M. ‘The mummy bear because she made a bath’ H.

In maths we have being looking at numbers to 5 and numbers to 10 and their compositions. The children have really enjoyed finding different ways of representing numbers on their fingers.

The children have really enjoyed construction this half-term and making different models using images as a reference.

We are looking forward to doing lots more exploring, learning and hard work!