For spring term’s forest school, Year 3 were looking at trees. We explored the trees that are in our school playground. We started the afternoon off by discussing the importance of trees in our lives.

ZU‘Trees are important because they give us oxygen and we need oxygen to breathe.’

RB‘Trees give us shade when it is really hot.’

HH‘They can be a food source because fruits and vegetables grow on them.’

The main aim of our forest school was to explore the age of trees and how trees help with climate change. We discussed the different ways we can tell the age of a tree. One way is to count the rings inside the trunk, another is to measure the girth and divide it by 2.5 and the third way is to hug a tree and estimate the age.


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed going around the school and estimating the age of the trees they see everyday.

We also explored why older trees are better for the environment and how they help with climate change. They used all the information they collated and produced some fantastic posters about trees.