During Science day, year 6 children enjoyed learning about astronomy.  They showed enthusiasm and curiosity as they discussed how the knowledge and theories of the Solar System have changed throughout time.  Year 6 children had the opportunity to research two famous physicists from the past and present, Ibn Hazm and Sultana Nahar.  Children created informative posters and google slides which were then presented to their class.

Year 6 Voice:

“On Science day, I made a poster about Sultan Nahar and a google slide presentation on Ibn Hazm.  These two are well known – famous – astronomers from the past and the present. Previously in Year 5, we had learnt about Aristotle and his theory about the Solar System.  I had never heard about Sultana Nahar and Ibn Hazm.  Therefore, this was a good top-up to our previous knowledge.  In addition, I really enjoyed science day as I had a chance to research and learn about people I never knew existed.” AG

“I really enjoyed 2023’s Science Day because we got to create google slides and make posters about people that we had never heard of before. It was a very creative process and it was fun researching about them.  I learnt a lot about their theory of the Solar System.” AF

“On Science Day, we made posters and presentations on Ibn Hazm and Sultana N. Nahar. I specifically enjoyed making a presentation on Sultana Nahar as I learnt about her many achievements.” RO

“On science day, we learnt about two new scientists, one from the past (Ibn Hazm) and one from the present (Sultan Nahar). We learnt about their achievements and how they had their own theory about how the solar system works.  We researched many facts from secondary sources. We used our chromebooks. We discussed information on what we found.  It reminded me of Aristotle’s theory about how he claimed that the Earth is the centre of the universe.” JS