Ramadan Homework

Ramadan Mubarak!

How can you help your child during the Ramadan holidays?

1- Encourage your child to join in when you pray at home or go to a mosque.
Teach your child that before we pray we make wudu. We use a prayer mat to pray on it. We face the qibla.

2-Encourage your child to join in on setting up the table at iftar time. Tell your child it’s sunset time and we are going to break our fast.
Make time to pray before you open your fast and encourage your child to join in.

3-Write Eid shopping list. Encourage your child to make marks, please describe their marks or encourage them to write the initial letter of the item they like to buy as their Eid present.

4- Draw what did you do on Eid day?

I hope you have a wonderful Ramadan and Eid Insha’Allah!