It was showtime! Years 4 and 5 performed two amazing plays at the Omnibus Theatre in Wandsworth last term. Children had been practising for weeks: memorising lines, getting into character and rehearsing till the big day came. Year 4 performed an original piece called ‘A Ramadan with London,’ about a Muslim boy who is trying to fit into school when suddenly he meets London herself who takes him on a whirlwind tour of how Muslims in the past have contributed to the city of London.

Year 5 performed a rhyming play on the importance of family connections and taking care of each other. The morning was then concluded with a jointly performed song ‘One Big Family,’ on the importance of people coming together despite their differences.

The performances were held at Omnibus Theatre a long term partner of the school and who provide drama sessions for the children. The event was attended by parents and also the Mayor of Lambeth Councilor Pauline George.