This half term in English, Year 1 have been unveiling the wonders and mysteries of what lies beyond Earth. We have been embarking on an epic, cosmic adventure into the life of Bob. Bob, also known as ‘Man on the Moon’ is tasked with the extraordinary – keeping the moon clean and shiny!

Year 1 have been exploring the journey of Bob through the use of drama, story retelling, thought tracking and more fantastic written work.

We created a story map as a class and used this to retell the story. The children got into role and acted the story out immaculately!





To deepen our understanding of the characters’ insights and feelings, we engaged in thought tracking. The children got into various roles: Bob, the aliens, and the tourists who went to visit the moon. We created freeze frames and then took turns to express the characters’ thoughts.



Have a look at some of our excellent setting descriptions and thought bubbles:



The children had so much fun getting into role. But as for now… back down to Earth kids!