During Art Week, Year 2 embarked on an exciting journey to explore and express their Islamic identity through various art media. The children began their artistic exploration by engaging in meaningful discussions about their personal experiences, beliefs and values as young Muslims. Year 2 delved into the realms of drawing, sketching and watercolour painting, creating magnificent masterpieces that showcased their understanding and celebration of what it truly means to be a Muslim.


With each stroke of their pencils, they captured the essence of their Islamic identity, representing its values of peace, love and compassion. The vibrant hues and delicate brushstrokes brought their creations to life, adding depth and emotion to their artworks.


Year 2 approached each painting with a unique perspective, intertwining Islamic symbols, calligraphy and scenes from everyday life to portray their individual experiences as Muslims. Their artistic expressions were awe-inspiring, reflecting their growth, creativity and understanding of their Islamic Identity.