Butterflies Hatched from the Chrysalis

The children learnt that there are differnt stages of butterfly. The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is a fascinating process known as metamorphosis. The children observred the caterpillars which is the larval stage of butterflies and moths. After the larval stage the caterpillar enters a stage called pupation in that stage the caterpillar undergoes remarkable changes within a protective casing called a chrysalis in butterflies or a cocoon. Finally, the transformed creature emerges from the chrysalis as a butterfly.

After observing the remarkable change the children express their responses:
Amelia- ‘pop out an egg of a very hungry caterpillar and then it becomes a butterfly’.
Meryem- ‘caterpillar went into a cocoon and became a beautiful butterfly’.
Musa- ‘the caterpillar was hungry, he ate some food and went into a cocoon and became a butterfly’.
Rahma- ”It was a small caterpillar, then he was in the cocoon for two weeks and then became a beautiful butterfly’.

Whole School Hajj Challenge

The nursery pupils participated in the whole school hajj challenge. Our incredible parents supported this challenge and created fantastic and brilliant models which clearly reflected all the rituals of Hajj.
Here are some examples:

Proud of our mark making.
The nursery children have made exceptional progress in writing. The children have begun to form identifiable letters from their names and have begun to write initial sounds in words.