In our Year 5 classroom, we’re on an incredible journey, transitioning from merely feeling emotions to understanding them deeply through ‘The Zones of Regulation.’ It’s a thrilling exploration of emotional intelligence that has our Year 5’s engaged like never before. We’re uncovering the secrets behind our feelings, and it’s empowering!

As we venture through ‘The Zones of Regulation,’ we’re not just naming emotions but discovering why they belong to specific zones. What’s more, we’re also learning essential coping strategies to manage these emotions effectively. This exciting journey is helping our students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotions, equipping them with invaluable life skills.

Below are our Year 5 voices:

AA – “Our journey through ‘The Zones of Regulation’ is like a treasure hunt for emotions!”

YH – “I used to think emotions were confusing, but now I can sort them into Zones! Feeling empowered!”

AA – “Learning to cope with my feelings makes me feel like a superhero!”

MA – “Understanding my emotions helps me stay calm and focused.”

Check out these incredible snapshots from our classroom, where our Year 5 superstars are not only identifying emotions but also bringing them to life through acting!