Zones of Regulation 

In class, we have been looking at Zones of Regulation. Year 6 has been learning how to understand the different zones and how to regulate their own emotions. Zones of regulation have four color-coded zones: Red (high alert), Yellow (elevated), Green (calm and focused), and Blue (low energy or sad). By identifying and labeling their current emotional state, the children  can better understand their feelings.

Zones of regulation  help to support our students’ emotional well-being and self-regulation skills. The children are building their skills to be able to equip themselves with the language and strategies to express and manage their emotions effectively.  This empowers them to navigate social interactions, make better decisions, and ultimately succeed academically and personally. This will in shaa Allah result in  increased emotional resilience, and enhanced social interactions. 

Year 6  were able to recognise facial expressions and sort these into different Zones of Regulation.