Reading is a very important life skill. Research shows that how well children can read by the end of Key Stage 1 is a good sign of how they will do later on in their GCSE exams. This is why we were so happy to see many KS1 and Early Years parents come to our recent phonics workshop on September 13th, led by Ustadh Sayed. The workshop showed parents how we teach reading using phonics at Iqra Primary. Parents watched a fun demonstration from Ustadha Shah and some excellent Year 2 students. The workshop also gave parents ideas to help their children read at home. Some tips include reading aloud every day, letting children sound out new words, and practising phonics at home. If you want your child to do well at school, spend time reading with them. By working together, we can make sure our KS1 students gain the early reading skills that will help them do well in the future.