In our Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) lessons, the Year 4 students are learning about feelings using the Zones of Regulation. This will help children understand and control their feelings better.

In the first lesson, we talked about the four color zones:

– Blue Zone – feeling tired, sad
– Green Zone – feeling calm, focused
– Yellow Zone – feeling excited, wiggly
– Red Zone – feeling angry, very happy

The students tried to put different feelings in the right zones. This helps them name how they feel.

In the second lesson, we played a game to match faces and body language to the zones. This shows how feelings look on our faces and bodies.

In future lessons, the students will learn how feelings affect them and others. They will learn skills to change zones when needed. For example, being focused for lessons or energetic during play.

Learning the Zones of Regulation gives children skills in understanding and controlling their feelings. This helps them in school, friendships, and life. We are proud of the emotional skills they are learning! Please ask me if you have any questions.