In celebration of World Philosophy Day, a group of our students accompanied with the headteacher and our logic and reasoning teacher  Andy West, had the unique opportunity to visit the House of Lords. Engaging in thoughtful discussions with other schools, the children delved into the intriguing topic of the future. The visit marked a significant milestone for Iqra School, as we achieved Silver Accreditation with the Philosophy Foundation, an organisation dedicated to promoting critical thinking and meaningful discussions in schools.

During the event, our pupils had the chance to exchange ideas with students from six other schools, all of whom had earned Bronze Accreditation from the Philosophy Foundation. The shared commitment to fostering deep thinking and open dialogue created a dynamic atmosphere of intellectual exploration.

A special highlight of the day was the encounter with Baroness Natalie Bennett, who graciously hosted our students. Her insights added a valuable dimension to the discussions on the future, leaving a lasting impression on our young minds.

Iqra School remains dedicated to nurturing thoughtful, inquisitive minds, and this Silver Accreditation reflects our ongoing commitment to promoting philosophical inquiry within our learning community. We extend our appreciation to all involved in making this enriching experience possible for our students.