In the words of our lovely Year 1 child – “Poems are made up of words that look a bit crazy on the page and sound a bit crazy too when they are put together!”
In English, Year 1 have been exploring the wonderful world of poetry! As we have come to the end of our poetry unit, we wanted to celebrate some of the fantastic things the children have been working on.

We have been learning about rhythm, rhyme schemes and performance. We have been analysing the plethora of poems found in “Fantastic First Poems”.

The children created their own list poems using verbs.
Have a look at some of their work.

The children had the opportunity to create their own free verse poems about their favourite colour. This links in with our Art topic where we have been exploring primary and secondary colours and colour mixing. Here are some of their fantastic pieces.

The children engaged in performance poetry. They used gesture, rhythm and intonation to bring their poems to life. The children were inspired by Michael Rosen’s performances – how he manages to capture an audience simply using his voice.