Year 3 have been learning about lights and shadows in their recent science exploration. The class has been on an exciting adventure, investigating the materials needed to create shadows, understanding their formation, and taking their learning beyond the classroom to experiment with the largest light source of all—the sun ☀️.

Materials Magic:

The science exploration began with a hands-on investigation of the materials essential for crafting shadows. The Year 3 class, armed with curiosity and creativity, embarked on a mission to discover what objects could cast shadows and how different materials affected the shapes and sizes of these shadows. From simple items like cardboard and paper to more complex creations, the students uncovered the fascinating world of light and its interaction with various materials.

Decoding Shadow Secrets:

Having mastered the basics, our young scientists delved into the science behind shadows. They explored how shadows are formed when light encounters an obstacle, creating a play of light and dark. Engaging experiments and thought-provoking discussions allowed the students to grasp the intricacies of this phenomenon. The classroom buzzed with excitement as the children connected theory with practice, making the abstract concept of shadows come to life.


Outdoor Adventures with Shadows:

To take their learning to new heights, the Year 3 class ventured outdoors. Armed with their newfound knowledge, they utilised the biggest light source available—the sun ☀️. The outdoor setting provided the perfect canvas for the children to experiment with shadows in natural light. Watching in awe, they discovered how the sun’s angle influenced the size, shape, and direction of the shadows cast by objects around them.