Year 1 have been exploring the adventures of ‘The Jolly Postman’ as he embarks on a quest whereby he delightfully delivers letters to some familiar characters. 

As the children excitedly opened a letter received by the Three Bears from none other than the intruder herself – Goldilocks – thoughts were racing through their minds: 

Is she really sorry? Should Baby Bear forgive her for the bad choices she made? Was it all a huge misunderstanding? Perhaps just a moment of madness?

After some debate, discussion and deliberation – the childrens’ minds were finally made up – while some agreed that Goldilocks’ moment of madness could be overlooked – perhaps she was just hungry and tired?… maybe she was innocently wandering around chasing a butterfly and found herself in the Bears’ Cottage – some even went so far as to excuse her behaviour because surely breaking into a cottage is a better choice for a lonely little girl than wandering the woods alone! Right…?

Others were adamant that she should have known right from wrong. Not only did the mischievous, little villain commit a breaking-and-entering crime – she broke a chair, ate the bears’ porridge and even slept in their bed! How could the golden-haired enchantress of mischief ever be forgiven for such distasteful crimes?

Year 1 began writing their strongly worded responses to Goldilocks from the perspective of Baby Bear. Have a look at some of their letters: