We celebrated Science Day at Iqra! On Monday, the children engaged in various activities related to the Science Week theme of Time. They discovered that lots of things change over time. 

We looked at how the sky changes in the period of a day – from bright skies to starry nights.

We discovered that within a year, the trees around us change. This linked back to a Science unit the children previously studied. It was fantastic to see how much the children remembered about the four seasons. The children engaged in a whole class creative project, showing changes to trees over the period of a year. Take a peek at their creations:

We then looked at time in relation to people. How does time change us? The children enjoyed acting out and discussing the different stages of life: from babyhood to beyond.

Finally, it was time for us to embark on our final learning quest: how long does it take for a pendulum to stop swinging? The children made pendulums! But first, they definitely had a giggle learning that the weighted object in a pendulum is called a ‘Bob’. They learnt that various factors affected the time it took for a pendulum to stop swinging: the size of the Bob, the length of the string and whether there was anything attached to the Bob. 

Then… tick tock went the clock and it was time to wrap up the day’s learning. The children had great fun discovering that there is so much more to time than just the hands on a clock!